Whatsimp assessments

Keeping an Employee engaged is very crucial for any organisation and only by conducting the right surveys can an organisation gain better insights into the needs and wants of their employees.

What Engagement Surveys Are Currently?

Long and Arduous surveys that are more mentally draining than engaging for Employees.

Lack of proper Insights to figure out key areas Employees need focus on.

Flawed surveys that blind-side Leaders from figuring out the root cause of discontentment among their employees.

Leaders want Engaged Employees as they believe it helps organizations perform better Financially.

Leaders want Surveys to reflect what Employees ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT and take decisions based on the same.

Leaders look for strong data analysis based on surveys as well as guidance into ‘WHAT COMES NEXT’ in order to take their organization to the next level.

How Leaders think Employee Engagement Surveys should Impact?

Where the Gap Lies?

Currently, surveys measure employee reponse only against a FIXED set of Paramaters but provide NO INSIGHT on which of these are crucial.

The Survey shifts the organization’s focus on MANY areas that are neither IMPORTANT for the company’s growth nor the employees CARE about them.

Clarity is missing on which set of parameters are IMPORTANT for which set of employees. This results in UNIDIMENSIONAL and USELESS engagement results.